Monday, August 13, 2012

Open the Door to a Career Online with Nursing Continuing Education

Developing a career that you can be proud of and maintaining a job that will allow you to live the kind of lifestyle that you want requires furthering your education. Taking classes and gaining experience in the field where you want to advance will put you above the competition when it comes to competing in high demand job markets. For many individuals, furthering education presents many obstacles that can be hard to overcome. In most cases, it can hard to find the time to complete the required courses, or the traditional university setting requires a financial investment that is simply too much. Fortunately, online courses have become a rapidly growing way of obtaining the proper education and licensing required for competitive professions such as nursing. Nursing continuing education offers educational opportunities with minimal financial commitment and flexible schedules that allow you to work the curriculum into a busy lifestyle.

Nursing continuing education and other online CEU programs can put any motivated student on the fast track into a dynamic career that offers many opportunities for advancement. Test material and the information necessary to earn certificates in fields such as nursing can now be accomplished quickly and conveniently online. In many cases, the student simply completes the necessary course hours and passes a test on the given material. Once this process is complete, students can even print their certification out at home directly from our website. Online classes in nursing continuing education also offer material and courses that have no time limits. Students are free to stop and begin their progress with the courses according to their own schedule. Courses in continuing nursing education cover a variety of healthcare related topics including treatment of substance abuse, long-term and age related care, and even psychological disorders.

Licensed healthcare providers are in great demand, and certification for this type of career has never been easier. Regular renewal periods for occupations such as nursing is all that is required for graduates of these programs. Nursing continuing education opens doors for a career that is both lucrative and personally rewarding, so be sure to take advantage of the online continuing education that we provide.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Getting CEUs for Nurses Has Never Been Easier

Licensed professionals like nurses need to keep their training up-to-date in order to continue down their chosen career path. There are a set number of annual hours that these professionals must acquire to keep their license or certification from being suspended, but sometimes, it can be hard to squeeze this continuing education in. Most jobs are time demanding, and finding time to attend a class is difficult. Fortunately, CEUs for nurses are easily attainable online.

At, we offer nurses the continuing education units they need to meet state license renewal requirement. Our prices are extremely affordable, and students can choose from a large selection of courses. When you register, you can create their own account where you will maintain complete control over all of your online activities. And, the best part is, the courses are all online, so you can complete them at your convenience!

Nurses seeking their CEUs are given the opportunity to work at their own pace and earn the credits they need as quickly as possible. We offer a variety of classes because the nursing industry deals with a large diverse population. Students can choose from courses that deal with things like alcoholism, elderly care, human sexuality, and more.

Upon completion of their course, students can print their certificate of completion from their account. A passing grade of at least 80% is recommended, but students can take the test as often as they like. In addition, students who need feedback will appreciate the automated feedback and grading system.

There is so much freedom involved taking an online class: students can work at their own pace, take a break in between, sign out and restart the next day, or complete the course in one sitting. SpeedyCEUS make getting CEU credits quick, easy, and affordable. Students can save money, time, and gas by taking their course from the comfort of their own home or from the convenience of their workplace, rather than trekking to a class in-person. There is no need to miss work, pay a daycare, or rearrange your schedule.

The next time you are looking for a class that offers CEUs for nurses, simply log online and visit!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You Could Earn Nursing CEUs Online

Becoming a nurse involves putting in a lot of time and money at a school. For those who have a family to support and need to support themselves with a full time job, it can seem impossible to find the time to go to classes every day. At Speedy CEUS, nursing students can continue their education online and on their own time. There are many nursing students now who have discovered that they can continue to get nursing CEUs online, while still taking care of their children.

These are important for those who are already in the field but want to keep their career moving or stay licensed. For people who are currently working as a nurse, taking classes at a regular college might be impossible to work into their schedules. There are plenty of courses we currently offer, and they can make a big difference in a nurse's career. Those who need to continue their nursing CEU training online can do so here on their own time and save some money on their own time.

People can get the information that they need quickly, courses can be read at any time through the course, tests are immediately graded electronically, and the courses are not paid for until after the post test. This is something that will be convenient for many who want to take classes. Also, they are recognized by many governing boards as providers for these courses and tests. We also offer courses for only five dollars per contact hour, which is a much better deal than taking classes at a much more expensive traditional class. This is a great place to go to get your nursing CEU credits online.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

CEUs for Nurses by SpeedyCEU

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for the nursing profession is key to the growth of the industry. Medicine and patient care is a highly needed field that is in constant change with evolving industrial and medical technologies, advanced methods and innovative patient care practices. Continuing Education impacts this industry through the willingness of its professionals to study, implement, and maintain these changes in their own field by increasing their competency levels in the profession. The ever evolving nature of the nursing field is one that requires its professionals to constantly seek out further training to provide the highest quality care to patients across the country. This is where CEU for nurses is crucial.

Speedy CEUs offers a wide variety of Continuing Education courses to the health profession community that the student may participate in on his or her own schedule via the Internet. These courses were designed by professionals seeking further continuing education in the field, and the design of the curriculum puts the user’s perspective on the forefront with great detail. Participants will find courses that have quick assessment results, immediate certification availability. Moreover, students will have access to course materials prior to enrollment to assure compatibility and provide additional study time, ensuring the user's familiarity with the content. Courses include ranges of hours varying from one to fifteen to fit into the needs and schedule of the user, dealing in topics such as a variety of psychological issues, current issues in viral status, patient ethics issues and interpersonal relationships. 

All the courses are designed to build a better more confident professional. Most importantly, Speedy CEUs is approved by several boards across the country including: the California Board of Behavioral Science and Board of Registered Nurses, the Texas State Board of Social Workers and Florida Boards as well as the National Association of Social Workers and the National Board of Certified Counselors.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Nursing Continuing Education Helps People Reach their Career Goals

As time goes on and medicine progresses, there is a greater need for nurses in the medical field. Because of the ongoing research and medical advances that are taking place in the community there is also an ever-growing need for continuing education to keep up on all of the new training and information. More educated nurses equate with better health care and assistance for patients that are in need.

Nursing continuing education is a great way for you to advance your career opportunities for the future. The more experience you have behind you, the greater your options are and the longer your resume will become. With the advanced technology we have these days, it can be easier than ever to advance your education by utilizing online training and degree programs in addition to hands-on training. Case studies, seminars, reference guides, books, manuals and articles are also great resources for broadening education and can be easily organized through an online program that will walk you through the process easily on your own time.

There is a new opportunity available called travel nursing, which allows for building experience by working in a number of different locations and environments. A lot of proficiency can be built up in a short amount of time rather than by switching jobs every few years in the attempt to learn something new and exciting.

Learning new skills and brushing up on old information that you haven't used in the field is a great step to take towards using your continued education to achieve a great career and a lot of knowledge of the field.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

CEUs for Counselors are Both Necessary and Advantageous

As a professional counselor, continuing education is not only necessary to maintain your credentials, it is a vital component of furthering your career. In the past, CEUs were only available via in-person conferences, workshops or through standard mail material; today, there are a wide variety of options available that are fast, affordable and enjoyable.

To stay current in the field and to enhance your career, obtaining the required amount of CEUs in your state is essential. Our CEUs for counselors cover of a variety of subject matters that cater to many specializations, interests or needs. If you are a general counselor, you may want to consider CEUs in an area that you are not as familiar with to enhance your knowledge base or choose a CEU that coincides with a particular demographic you are working with. By obtaining greater knowledge, you are able to most effectively serve your clients and enjoy potential career advancement. Furthermore, if you are looking to gain specializations to increase your client base and marketability, our CEUs for counselors can assist you in getting started. Often, clients are more comfortable with counselors who have specializations and may actively seek them out.

In addition to obtaining expertise in a specific area, the completion of CEUs can be an excellent addition to your portfolio or resume. If you are looking to advance in the field, potential employers may be more inclined to consider your application based on the types of CEUs you have obtained. Although every counselor must complete CEUs, how you have completed your CEUs and the subject matter of them may be important when seeking employment or promotions in the field. For example, employers may view a counselor who has taken many online courses as a motivated and dependable person.

CEUs are made available to professional counselors with their busy lifestyle in mind. The ease of obtaining CEUs online is a practical and appealing solution for many counselors; moreover, you can be sure that we have CEUs with the most up-to-date information and research so that you can easily and confidently expand your career and provide quality services to your clients.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Nursing CEU Courses: Keeping You at Par with an Ever Evolving Career

If you have decided to pursue a career in nursing, it's important to consider the different levels of education that must be reached to open up different career opportunities. You're education level will go a long way in dictating exactly what kind of nursing jobs you are going to have in the future, this will also dictate how far you can go in the world of nursing. If you want to advance further, then it is a must that you continue your education. Our nursing CEU courses can be your first step to a bigger and better career.

CEU or continuing education units used to only be available in workplace situations. They are simply units offered that allows you to better understand technological advancements that are used in the world of nursing. Keep in mind that nursing adapts quickly to changes in the medical world. Having the most up-to-date training will make you a more attractive hire for hospitals and private practices.

We provide you with the opportunity to take nursing CEUs courses online that provide you with more updated information to stay on top of your career. It's the most convenient way to earn a number of credits. You can take courses from the comfort of your home or office.

When you are looking for continuing education unit courses for nursing, you must make sure that the credits are duly recognized and approved in your state. CEU credits need to be approved by a credible accrediting body for them to be counted later on your resume.

If you have already passed your boards and have met the required continuing education unit needs, remember that you should continue to seek other forms of continuing education. If you want to be the best nurse that you can be and you want to keep par with the ever evolving career, taking nursing CEU courses is a great way to further advance your career.