Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Advantages of Online CEUs for Counselors

After all the hard work required to obtain a counseling degree and become licensed in your field, the requirement to continue your education through continuing education hours (CEUs) each year in order to maintain your license may seem daunting. Fortunately, depending on your state’s requirements, you may be able to obtain all of your yearly required CEUs online at your own pace, and we are happy to provide a number of great options for online CEUs for counselors.

Counselors often feel that CEU requirements can be difficult to fit into a busy schedule. There is also the perception that scheduling issues will limit the specific CEUs an individual can take, thus constraining their ability to take courses of interest to them. However, the number of options available online have been expanded in recent years. In fact, the opportunities and topics currently available are so numerous that instead of being perceived of as a burden, many counselors find there several benefits to CEUs and choose to take more CEU credits than required. With online CEUs for counselors, counselors find that they can expand their areas of training and expertise, which plays a huge role in career development and to increase job opportunities.

With all of the course options now available, it is possible to concentrate on particular domains so as to expand your range of specializations and enlarge the areas emphasized in your practice. In addition, the greater your knowledge and the wider the variety of skills you possess, the better your reputation will become, which will likely increase the size of your client base.

Until fairly recently, many who wanted to take additional CEUs weren’t able to do so despite the obvious advantages. This was frequently the result of the need to travel great distances to attend conferences or workshops, in addition to paying to stay at a hotel, the high cost of the class itself, and the inability to take time away from their practice as well as general scheduling conflicts.

Now, courses of all types can be taken anywhere you have access to the internet and at your convenience. As a result, CEU requirements for counselors are no longer the inconvenience they once were due to these online opportunities. In addition, content development efforts have resulted in a vast variety of course topics that exist, with multiple courses available in many areas of interest, allowing you to meet your CEU requirements while also adding to your skills and knowledge base.

Counselors should no longer dread meeting their CEU requirements year after year. Examine the courses available online as well as courses which form a single topic cluster and you’ll discover the range of opportunities that are now offered to allow counselors of all types to take control of their own training.



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