Monday, July 2, 2012

CEUs for Nurses by SpeedyCEU

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for the nursing profession is key to the growth of the industry. Medicine and patient care is a highly needed field that is in constant change with evolving industrial and medical technologies, advanced methods and innovative patient care practices. Continuing Education impacts this industry through the willingness of its professionals to study, implement, and maintain these changes in their own field by increasing their competency levels in the profession. The ever evolving nature of the nursing field is one that requires its professionals to constantly seek out further training to provide the highest quality care to patients across the country. This is where CEU for nurses is crucial.

Speedy CEUs offers a wide variety of Continuing Education courses to the health profession community that the student may participate in on his or her own schedule via the Internet. These courses were designed by professionals seeking further continuing education in the field, and the design of the curriculum puts the user’s perspective on the forefront with great detail. Participants will find courses that have quick assessment results, immediate certification availability. Moreover, students will have access to course materials prior to enrollment to assure compatibility and provide additional study time, ensuring the user's familiarity with the content. Courses include ranges of hours varying from one to fifteen to fit into the needs and schedule of the user, dealing in topics such as a variety of psychological issues, current issues in viral status, patient ethics issues and interpersonal relationships. 

All the courses are designed to build a better more confident professional. Most importantly, Speedy CEUs is approved by several boards across the country including: the California Board of Behavioral Science and Board of Registered Nurses, the Texas State Board of Social Workers and Florida Boards as well as the National Association of Social Workers and the National Board of Certified Counselors.

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